Do We Want Affirmative Action Cops? (1-28-23)

01:00 Beverly Hills murders,
05:00 Is N.Y.’s Child Welfare System Racist?
06:00 CA State Bar goes after black attorneys,
13:40 Trans activists making an impact for social justice on Twitter
15:00 Gamergate
16:15 Russians with attitude
26:20 Debt ceiling
35:30 Does the Left have new ideas?
39:30 Eating bugs to prevent climate change
45:00 Elliott Blatt joins
1:02:00 Why did I come back to this s*** hole (LA)?
1:13:50 No, Project Veritas Video Doesn’t Prove Pfizer Is Mutating Covid-19, Who Is Jordon Trishton Walker?
1:20:00 Covid as a cash cow for big pharma,

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