The New Gurus III (1-16-23)

01:00 Kanye West marries an Australian architect,
03:00 Kanye, Nick Fuentes,
05:00 Baked Alaska gets 60 days for January 6 riot
07:45 Is Kanye’s new marriage fake?
9:00 J. Otto Pohl vs Cofnas on the JQ:
13:00 Peter Zeihan gets it wrong
14:20 Vlad Reacts: Peter Zeihan on Rogan,
16:00 Peter Zeihan’s cartoonification of reality
17:00 Sailer: A de-Policed Los Angeles Is an Armed Los Angeles
19:00 Sailer: True Diversity Will Not be Achieved Until We Can’t Guess from Which Continent Is a World Star Hip Hop-Worthy Video
22:00 Sailer: Punching Down: Professors of Economics with Great Jobs Try to “Take Down” a Web Forum for Unemployed Grad Students
27:00 Who was right on Covid?
40:00 Colin Liddell joins,
45:20 Japanese nationalism
47:00 Japan re-arms
50:50 China backs off zero Covid
57:40 Andrew Tate
1:07:00 English vs Japanese royal families
1:09:45 Ron DeSantis
1:15:00 Who’s winning? Ukraine or Russia?
1:22:00 The nature of charisma
1:25:00 Did we evolve to be gullible?
1:27:10 The benefits of thinking socially
1:38:00 Athenian Stranger – Reactionary Classicism,
1:47:00 Covfefe Anon – Effective Autism Effective Altruism,

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