Will The MSM Go After Biden For Careless Storage Of Classified Documents? (1-11-23)

Virtual Pilgrim writes: 14:28. “Is America an idea?” Steven Crowder said, “The difference between us (America) and Denmark and Norway and Sweden is WE’RE NOT A PEOPLE, we’re a country of ideals. And if you’re willing to come in and make a go of it, we’re going to provide you with equal opportunity – not ensure equal outcomes. That’s the difference that requires a racial national identity vs a Constitutional Republic. So ironically, Socialism almost invariably tends to be racist to a certain degree. Which is funny when we say national socialism and democratic socialism.”

People like Crowder don’t know what a nation is. Nations are defined by race, ethnicity, language, culture, history, and religion. This is what it means to be an American. America is a nation, but The United States is not a nation. It is an ideology; An idea; A political system of laws. The United States and America are two different things. However, the United States protected the nation with the 1790 Naturalization Act which defines citizens as, “White persons of good character.”

John Jay understood this when he wrote: “Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people — a people descended from the SAME ancestors, speaking the SAME language, professing the SAME religion, attached to the SAME principles of government, very SIMILAR in their manners and customs…” ~ John Jay, First Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, 1787

Notice, “same ancestors”!!! This is why conservatives today a radical anti-American traitors.

Vox Day, today, writes: “One cannot strip a person of his nationhood because it is his birthright and can be confirmed by external bodies through the use of genetic science. But since one observably can strip a person of his government-issued identity, this proves that the issuing body is not, and can never be, synonymous with the nation.”

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