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Darrah Ford emails: By “responsible” writers to be contributing on your site, would that also include writers who blog about the adult industry? Like how about someone writing about Jews in porn or anywhere in the adult industry? When I get my computer back instead of this dreadful laptop because my computer died on me, I’ll be writing how [madam] Michelle Braun is the most evil woman alive. She’s writing a book and naming her girls & clients. She’s also getting her own reality show. She walked and didn’t get to spend a day in prison and only pays about $300,000 in fines but she’s about to roll over on the women who gave her this lavish lifestyle.

Yeah Michelle is doing the interview rounds and naming two of Tiger Woods’ mistresses as her former escorts. The interviewer asked why are you coming forward now. Michelle said I’m writing a book and working on a new reality show. Elsewhere I read the book will name names. And now Michelle is saying how much Tiger paid for her girls and how he was into group sex and how his favorite call girl is Playboy model Loredana Jolie. Last night I saw somewhere how Heidi Fleiss is now coming out against Michelle saying how she never talked and never named anyone.

I can’t really think right now of any former high-end madam or pimp who named names. They usually went to prison or committed suicide (murder?). But Braun faces no prison time and only pays a six figure fine. She doesn’t need to write any book or name any names. That’s not part of the plea she and the authorities made. She’s going to name Derek Hay and those type of people. Not her own girls and clients.

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