Russia vs NATO: Who’s Winning In Ukraine? (1-2-23)

01:00 Who’s Winning In Ukraine?
02:00 Bill Browder: More Russian oligarchs will be assassinated before the war is over,
09:00 Scott Ritter,
10:00 Scott Ritter says Ukraine cannot win this war,
14:00 Why are we funding nazis and white supremacists in Ukraine?
18:00 Colonel Douglas MacGregor,
40:00 Metokur Goes To Die, Buries Gamergate With Him | JFGT 733,
47:00 Gamergate,
59:20 Mr Metokur is terminal!?!! Chronology of Jim’s illness
1:15:00 Polite Conversations: Ep 66: Chris Kavanagh,
1:18:00 Sam Harris and Stefan Molyneux
1:21:00 Sam Harris compares Vox, Ezra Klein to the KKK
1:26:00 Intellectual Dark Web was united by attention seeking, not ideology,
1:55:00 WSJ: Rookie Traders Are Calling It Quits, and Their Families Are Thrilled,
2:05:00 Polite conversations podcast,
2:12:00 Nice mangos,
2:29:00 Meet the Pakistani-Canadian woman who wrote the children’s book ‘My Chacha Is Gay’,

Three times I muted myself accidentally.

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