Nepos With Attitude (12-23-22)

Virtual Pilgrim comments:

Luke said he talks about what is, rather than what should be. I totally agree. Dennis Prager is fond of saying “race doesn’t matter.” It’s literally his number one point when talking about conservatism. What he is really saying is race SHOULD NOT matter. In the real world, race DOES matter. Prager is an ideologue presenting opinions about the world he wishes existed, and so he’s trying to speak that world into existence by convincing as many people as possible that race doesn’t matter. It’s a very weird situation because other times, he speaks in practical terms. For example, he says that he doesn’t care what you believe but only what you do. Then shows his true colors when he wrote his recent article asserting that Holocaust deniers should go to hell. One could be the most generous and wonderful person and hold a view skeptical of the official narrative about the Holocaust, and yet, Dennis Prager will hold you in such contempt will condemn you to burn in hell for eternity.

Luke failed to spread his seed and so is spreading ideas to compensate.

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