What’s With The Increasing Use Of The Military In Civilian Life?

A Valley resident tells me: “Our theory is that they are getting the public used to seeing them. Over the last couple years, at least here in the Valley, we’ve had military helicopters fly over at least twice a week, and it’s increasing. I’m surprised at how many people don’t seem to notice. My [friend]’s an ex Marine, and he’ll identify them as they fly over. The military is now helping out in a local capacity, which is not their purpose. A few months ago, the Marines were running DUI checkpoints in San Bernardino. Also, the National Guard arrested someone at the Kentucky Derby. The National Guard in Hurricane Katrina was confiscating weapons from citizens.”

I was on the corner of Pico and La Cienega Blvds last week and this big troop carrier rumbled by. It startled me. I don’t remember seeing one before.

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