Is Kanye West Winning? (12-11-22)

01:00 Spencer gives props to Kanye & Nick Fuentes – Killstream,
14:00 The Game of Our Lives: The Meaning And Making Of English Football,
15:45 Elliott Blatt joins
17:00 Elliott doesn’t like the French
28:00 Generation X’s time is now
30:00 Generations breakdown,
33:00 From Boomers to Zoomers, Here Are the Characteristics of the Different Generations at Work,
35:00 The late psychologist J. Philippe Rushton,
38:00 Kino Casino,
41:00 The good presenter (such as Anthony Cumia, Gavin McInnes) avoids cliches
43:00 The importance of personal anecdotes
45:00 Compelling stories vs self-indulgent stories
49:00 Does Twitter reek of low status?
54:00 What are the benefits of internet fame?
1:01:00 What will get me the max attention right now?
1:06:00 Both his parents are lesbians
1:13:00 The benefits of walking alone without electronic stimulation
1:17:00 Spirituality vs religious law,
1:30:00 Conservative Claims of Cultural Oppression: The Nature and Origins of Conservaphobia,
1:48:00 Nick Fuentes lies about the Talmud,
1:54:00 Kanye West’s latest interview,
1:56:00 Death penalty
2:02:00 WP: Kanye West’s hate-spewing, career-tanking descent through the alt-media,

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