Day 16 Down Under – Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Pharisees

You might wonder why some people are so right so often. It’s because they are emotionally honest, and so if something doesn’t make sense, they’re able to trust their feelings.

FIFA and Qatar exemplify how much of the world works. Life is not always about merit or operating on a level playing field. Not everything will be conducted legally and ethically and all for the good of the game. During the World Cup, the officiating won’t be perfect. The incentives of the people running things won’t be perfectly aligned with what they’re running.

All sorts of things happen behind closed doors that we won’t know about, but if we are emotionally honest with ourselves and something doesn’t feel right, it likely means people are lying to you or you have incomplete information. It makes no sense for Qatar to have a world cup, ergo, people are lying. If I research something in the news, and it doesn’t make sense, in all likelihood, people are lying. If you are emotionally honest and something doesn’t make sense to you, either you are not getting all relevant info or you are being lied to. You know people who are good at spotting lies? People who are honest. Are you bad at noticing when people are lying to you and manipulating you? You are not honest with yourself. If FTX or Bernie Madoff don’t make sense, then either you are missing info or you are being lied to. SBF and Abe Fortas got away with a ton of bad things because they were aligned with the Left. SBF got great press because he was aligned with the Left. If he had been aligned with Right, would not have happened. The people who controlled the discourse gave SBF good press. If crypto makes no sense to you, either you are missing info or people are lying to you. I think Crypto bros are lying to you. Theranos made no sense, it was a scam.

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