Day 12 Down Under – Life on the Island Prison

The videos in this post are recorded on my DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo.

Mark Kaller writes on my FB: “COVID clearly demonstrated the unarmed Australians are still on an island prison. I have no idea what the fuck this has to do with the WASP. Care to elaborate?”

Luke: “What freedom is to Americans, fairness is to Australians and Kiwis. Australia had 1/40th the per capita death rate of the USA when it came to Covid [until 2022], so maybe they knew what they were doing. Even if their restrictions made zero difference in death rates, they demonstrated the cohesiveness of the society. People were willing to sacrifice for what was said to be in the communal interest. Australia, like the USA, was founded and formed by WASPs. Australia has been even more WASPy than America. Where people come from matters. WASP is a particular identity. Australia has more rules and more interfering government than America, but it is far from a prison.”

In 2022, Australia had about the same per capita death rate from Covid as the USA. Overall, Australia has about one-quarter of the American Covid death rate.

Marc: “When the survival rate is so high to begin with your 1/40 improvement over the US is basically meaningless. And when you speak of “sacrifice for WHAT IS SAID to be in the communal interest” what I hear is “Australians are compliant and docile.” Nothing I’d brag about. You can if you like.”

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