Means vs Ends

01:00 Process (Liberals) Vs Ends (Conservatives)
40:00 Alex Jones & Jared Taylor try to capture conservatives
49:30 Lew Rockwell
55:25 Kevin DeLeon and the latino city council members in LA saying racist things
58:10 Vox Day scammed?
1:00:30 Michael Flynn’s Holy War
1:06:00 Is the media the biggest threat to democracy?
1:44:00 Donald Trump Is ‘Blind to the Beautiful Mosaic’
1:55:00 Jason Kessler: Richard Spencer and former NPI head Evan McLaren confirmed working with SPLC by spokesperson Michael Edison Hayden.
2:09:45 Rubio, Christie exchange blows at GOPDebate
2:14:00 Israel vs Palestinians
2:17:00 DEBATE: Cenk Uygur VS Dennis Prager on Israel & Palestine

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