Another day, another member of the Tribe convicted of espionage

This can not be good for God’s Chosen Ones.

From my live cam:

palestine4ever: the funny thing is, he was employed because he understood Hebrew
palestine4ever: which means he was probably translating classified Israeli communications
palestine4ever: which he then turned around and spread about
palestine4ever: But he was apparently one of those lefty Israelis
palestine4ever: so Prager can stomp up and down about “liberal decadence” here
palestine4ever: You’d think the FBI would be slightly suspicious of the grandson of a Torah scholar and major inspiration to the Israeli left.
palestine4ever: His grandson continued along that path of controversy by working as a peace activist and helping to defend Marwan Barghouti, a Palestinian who was charged with murder and terrorism
palestine4ever: i mean, that’s awesome

palestine4ever: Let’s hire linguists who moonlight as Bill F’ing Kuntsler!
palestine4ever: As a jewwise goy, I am suspicious of bureaucrats that serve two masters, the US gov shouldn’t employ anyone with any claim at all to dual citizenship.
palestine4ever: Of course, a literal reading of that would forbid all of the Chosen with the “right of return” 😀
palestine4ever: but hey, one can dream =(
palestine4ever: I think it’d be awesome if the Muslim Brotherhood tried infiltrating the government.

palestine4ever: I think it’d be awesome if the Muslim Brotherhood tried infiltrating the government.
palestine4ever: They could test them by leaving them alone in a room with the modern American working woman and see if he beats her with a hose
palestine4ever: Are you shifting away from blogging for awhile? Curious what your appeal for guest bloggers means.
YourMoralLeader: 2 yrs to go for my AT certificate
palestine4ever: What kind of cashflow can you make from that?
palestine4ever: I mean, y’know, outside of the mitzvahs from helping others etc
palestine4ever: I honestly don’t know. I dated a chica that was a “reiki healer” which was some serious snakeoil shizzit but she made serious cash off the loonies
YourMoralLeader: $50 an hour
palestine4ever: Geez D:
palestine4ever: Can you get a steady income from it? Do your instructors live well?
YourMoralLeader: my teachers do OK, hard to get clients
palestine4ever: This is the first time since I’ve been reading you that you’re working toward a career other than writing.
palestine4ever: That I know of at least.
palestine4ever: Of course the Jews are not going to believe this is any more of a career than writing is.
palestine4ever: Vhat, joo touch pplz? Vhy noot becomeza a doktur like yer cousin Moshe?
YourMoralLeader: it is very good for my health and poise and emotional/mental stability, tapping family to loan me money for it

palestine4ever: some dirty hippie once told me to find a job i don’t hate too much, as you shouldn’t expect your art to ever ever ever pay your bills
palestine4ever: sounds like a father’s advice but coming from a dirty hippie i think i took it more seriously
palestine4ever: I mean, yeah, I dislike having to work on pleadings when I’d rather be writing or working on a painting
palestine4ever: but the fact that that writing or painting doesn’t have to sell for me to eat tomorrow is pretty liberating
palestine4ever: and humans being the contrary sons of b**ches we are, we’re likely to treat any “must do” item as a “job” sooner or later

palestine4ever: To change the subject, what I find odd
palestine4ever: is that you don’t have more disciples
palestine4ever: Jewish tradition from what I understand has always had this love/hate relationship with the wacky hermit/fiery demagogue type
palestine4ever: it seems built in to the culture of ultimate outsiders that there would be even more outsiders within the community
palestine4ever: and it’s a love/hate thing with all of them, particularly the painfully respectable ones
palestine4ever: Why do you think that is?
palestine4ever: Maybe it’s an LA thing.
YourMoralLeader: my followers are ashamed and under cover
palestine4ever: I assume that being in such a decadent environment, most Orthodox cling to conformity
palestine4ever: whereas in Noo Yawk they can still go cradle-to-grave without really doing more than superficial business with the goy
palestine4ever: or maybe it’s pedigree
palestine4ever: you never were a disciple yourself and maybe that lineage is important to them
palestine4ever: and Prager is like the archdeacon of respectable conformity, y’know
palestine4ever: when I think of Levi, I think of John the Baptist as portrayed in Scorcese’s film
palestine4ever: I mean a dude on the river in rags with a torrent of firebreathing rhetoric coming out of his mouth

YourMoralLeader: i am going to david aaron clark’s memorial sunday
palestine4ever: he died?
palestine4ever: oh my, yes he did
palestine4ever: see, that was a shame
palestine4ever: that guy could turn a phrase like few people could
palestine4ever: even idiots can occasionally write something brilliant, but he had a genuine gift
palestine4ever: like Jim Goad said, pornography is just kinda funny to me so I never saw any of his movies
palestine4ever: but what a waste
palestine4ever: he seriously put his life into something that’s more disposable than paper plates

palestine4ever: there’s a movie, let me see if its still on youtube
palestine4ever: ah, frickin hollywood jews, they deleted segments of it
palestine4ever: It’s a documentary about Orson Welles and Randolph Hearst and citizen kane
palestine4ever: toward the end, they point out that Welles pretty much became Citizen Kane
palestine4ever: there’s an interview where he talks about how much of his life he wasted chasing down money to make films
palestine4ever: something like “i thought films would be 10% hustle and 90% art, and found out too late it was 90% hustle and 10% art”
palestine4ever: I mean I imagine David Aaron Clark spending hours trying to get a great cumshot
palestine4ever: by any definition that’s just f**king terrible.

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