Imagine if Social Media & Universities Prohibited Christ Denial? (9-22-22)

00:30 Can one claim Aspergers Syndrome for convenience?
02:00 Tucker Carlson on the Ukraine war
22:00 Who’s got the strongest voice on the Alt Right?
31:00 Ron DeSantis’s Martha’s Vineyard yard: Heads, I Win; Tails, You Lose
49:50 Richard Spencer analyzes Tucker’s monologues on Marth’s Vineyard
56:30 Tucker says hospitals mutilate children for profit
59:50 Dooovid joins
1:15:00 Guardian: Who’s correct about human nature, the left or the right?
1:18:00 Is human nature basically good or evil?
1:21:00 The rise of Christian nationalism
1:22:00 The rise of Nick Fuentes
1:25:00 WP: Inside the civil rights campaign to get Big Tech to fight the ‘big lie’

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