A voice and character analysis of Alt Right livestreamers (9-19-22)

00:30 Tucker’s commentary: Canada goes woke
08:00 Pedos vs minor attracted persons
21:00 Dooovid joins
26:30 News: New York yeshiva asks transgender teacher to leave
38:00 Ken Burns new Holocaust documentary
52:00 Mr. Girl vs Nick Fuentes, Destiny
1:04:00 Richard Spencer
1:07:00 Greg Johnson
1:11:00 JF Gariepy
1:17:00 Godward Podcast wraps up his Youtube channel
1:20:00 Jared Taylor
1:22:30 Kevin MacDonald
1:25:00 Stefan Molyneux
1:28:00 Andy Nowicki
1:30:00 Millennial Woes
1:34:00 Stephen J James
1:37:45 Godwinson
1:39:00 Jonathan Otto Pohl
1:41:00 Claire Khaw
1:45:30 Dennis Dale
1:51:00 ‘Amazing convo between Doooovid and Jen’
1:56:30 Nick Fuentes
1:58:00 Revenge of the Cis
2:00:00 Vox Day
2:01:00 Adam Green

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