Saturday New York Times On R. Leib Tropper Story?

Jack emails: The Tropper scandal is hitting the [the news media, turned out to be the New York Post first, not the New York Times as expected]…they want to do a front page expose on the metro section this Saturday.

Here is some interesting fodder for your blog, his sister in law Susan Blonde, his devoted sister in law, who is the original queen of PR and runs a PR agency in NY, she did PR for Michael Jackson and was behind the scenes in making him look good even when he was accused of molestation and making the accusers and parents of the molested boys look bad, and it worked, he was let go and never spent a day in jail. She will try to now do the same for her dear sister and brother in law Tropper are being framed by Guma et al.


“Question: Rabbi Tropper, someone once told me the reason why Hashem created two eyes and one mouth. I cannot remember the reason told to me. Would you happen to have any idea? Andy R.Teaneck

Rabbi Tropper Responds:The Alshich Hakodosh in Parshas Tetzave says that the reason we have two eyes and one mouth is to remind us that we should only talk and discuss half of what we see.

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