Hasidic Joy (9-14-22)

00:30 U.S. Supreme Court requires Yeshiva University to allow LGBT student club
08:00 Who are Hasidic Jews?
12:30 What Rights Do Hasidic Schools Have?
13:50 Dooovid says secular governments have no moral right to regulate Hasidic schools
30:00 Strangers in a Strange Land
35:00 Where’s Hasidic joy?
41:00 Richard Spencer on the disparate LE response to January 6 and BLM
42:30 Brett Kavanaugh protesters vs January 6 rioters
46:45 Mostly peaceful BLM riots
52:00 Richard’s class-based dislike for the AR
1:08:00 Peep Show
1:12:00 Russian Propaganda
1:32:30 5 Tips to Create a Secure Attachment with Yourself to Improve Self Esteem

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