Awaken the Gerbil Within: How 17 Tiny Rodents Taught Me How to Love (8-31-22)

00:25 How to awaken your inner gerbil
02:30 Tucker Carlson vs Joe Biden
12:00 Andrew Tate, Tucker Carlson
20:00 Pain, Fear, Stigma: What People Who Survived Monkeypox Want You to Know
38:00 Ann Coulter says Trump is done
39:30 Colin Liddell and Andy Nowicki have had a Big Falling Out
40:00 Greg Gutfeld – the new king of late night comedy
44:50 Dooovid joins
45:00 This Is the Other Way That History Ends
47:00 Dooovid surprised by Jewish wealth
1:03:00 Dealing with difficult people
1:14:30 Elliott Blatt joins

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