Donny Pauling, Dooovid, Elliott Blatt Join The Sunday Show

01:45 What is life like as a registered sex offender?
03:00 Donny Pauling – From PK To Porner To Pastor To Convict To Truck Driver,
21:00 Captain Save-A-Ho
27:00 The desire to rescue and to be rescued comes from the sick place
46:00 When we rescue others, we’re trying to rescue ourselves
1:28:35 Decoding Decoding the Gurus,
1:46:20 Richard Spencer says they should be watching CNN
2:12:00 Dooovid joins
2:13:20 Tisha B’Av,
2:21:00 Elliott Blatt joins
2:43:00 Imitating God,
2:48:00 What is it like to have a guru?
3:00:30 Elliott Blatt loves America

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