TRS Exposed (7-28-22)

00:15 How The News Differs From Reality,
02:45 News media redefine recession to protect Democrats
30:00 Washington DC calls out national guard to deal with illegal aliens
41:00 Interview with Johnny Monoxide,
43:00 Californians and other Americans are flooding Mexico City. Some locals want them to go home,
56:20 ‘The Most Hated Man on the Internet’ tackles the fight against a ‘revenge porn’ site,
1:08:00 Are strip clubs a good predictor of a recession?,
1:44:00 Stop Being Socially Awkward: 10 Behaviors That Make You Look Weird

Art Bell comments: RECESSION & STRIPPERS… Greg Mannarino & the WORRY TUBERS knew, so did ‘p33lers’ aka “EXOTIC DANCERS” in February 2022 VIA Adam Curry’s news site & watching tweets of str1ppers …with Care – AS G-D COMMANDS. June29 Report ABC7:

“SAN FRANCISCO — Strip club employees who talked to ABC7 News and dancers in the business say the expected post-pandemic recovery never materialized. Some strippers are predicting a recession, with many citing empty strip clubs and poor bookings as indicators of stormy economic times ahead.

“I can speak for our dancers who work for multiple agencies and in the strip clubs because they have to get enough work and they’re still not making enough money,” says Asshley, (her stage name was requested to be used to protect her family) a dancer for 10 years and co-owner of SinCal Party Entertainment, an agency that dispatches strippers to events such as bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Consumer spending makes up 70% of the U.S. economy…”It’s been bad,” says Brandon, co-owner of SinCal Party Entertainment and Asshley’s husband.

The couple has been in the adult entertainment business together for 10 years.

“Normally, as we come into spring and summer, it’s busy for bachelor and bachelorette parties,” he said. “Everybody wants to throw their parties. As the year progressed, it just hasn’t happened, it has only gotten worse. It has gotten slower, where we as business owners have had to look at other forms of revenue, trying to start other businesses just to keep ourselves afloat, let alone all of our strippers. It’s terrifying.”

Based in California, the couple manages an agency that dispatches more than 50 strippers across the state. Many of the dancers at their agency also worked at strip clubs and have reporte

“You have all these girls in the strip clubs who are used to heavy traffic, that have no traffic,” Asshley said. “So they’re reaching out to agencies hoping that our broader net and what we serve as our service area being broader that they’re going to be busier, have more work, and it is just not the case for the strip clubs and the agencies. Strippers really have taken a huge hit.”

The company saw bookings drop to 50% of pre-pandemic levels since the start of 2022.

“As an agency, we really do care about every one of our strippers, we want to see them succeed,” Brandon said. “But we also want to see them be able to provide for whatever their home life looks like. So for us to have no bookings, it’s really hard for us because we see the direct effect that it has on our strippers.”


His wife added, “When the pandemic hit, we were still one of the only things that were open. So we were making a lot of money. But then as the economy opened up more, we just saw our business hit the ground, pretty much. We had a ton of people that needed the work, but the work was not coming in.”


For now, SinCal Party Entertainment is keeping its heads above water by re-inventing its business model and creating fresh revenue streams such as offering virtual parties in the metaverse.


[IS THIS PART A PREDICTION OF FUTURE EMPLOYMENT ?] “We’re a family-owned business – we have a 7-year-old, a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old,” Brandon said. “And part of why we run a business is to be able to be home and to be involved with them. And the struggle of this post-pandemic, decrease in people’s spending has really affected not just us and not just other agencies but their families. You know, a lot of the competitors that we have, are similar to us and they are also family-owned businesses and they’re trying to provide for their family. And it’s just not happening.”
OOF. Selling US oil to a Chinese company that hired his son was a bad look. Ukraine aid will find it’s way to US officials. Biden printing cash to stop his party doing badly in November. At least it’s all coming together.

I expect Luke might DUST OFF his clasic segments on how people define deviance (to make themselves look A+) – the un-dressor says SOME of them are doing more than that, while she is ABOUT THE ART & EROS. Which is all dross. A fight for shifts & shafts, perish the cile thought folks. + Keep it clean, this is Luke Ford’s temple and he keeps it clean. Thank you Luke for so many TOP TIER shows, even at 2 hours.

+ A listener supplied SIDE SHOW after the 2 hour break would be cherry. USER SUBMITTED CLIPZ segment even if 30 minutes. BEST OF. Apprciate the link to the news piece, too

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