Desmond Ford: Reformist Theologian, Gospel Revivalist

A beautiful biography of my father by Milton Hook is now available on Kindle.

I wrote in 2008:

I learned from my dad how to live in community, how to live on the edge of community, and how to live without community.

Everyone should be so privileged to have their life written up by somebody who loved them.

Roy Branson wrote in the Dec. 1994 issue of Spectrum magazine that my dad had "more than any other one person, made Adventists care passionately about theology."

Many marked my dad’s departure from the Adventist church in 1980 as the date "the very Spirit had departed from their church." (Milton Hook)

The key question, writes Hook, is: "How could one man exert so much theological momentum in the culture of Seventh-Day Adventism, a group so protective of its traditions and so resistant to change?"

Hook includes a couple of pages from my dad’s 1942 diary. Not surprisingly, there’s zero emotional introspection. Instead there are comments such as "Jap cruiser sunk" and "Saw beach girl contest."

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