The Paranoid Style In American Politics (7-7-22)

00:20 Tucker Carlson on Jose Alba,
24:00 Death of a nationalist at age 29,
25:00 He was one of the nation’s most revered gay cops. His arrest changed everything.,
48:00 Mind, Modernity, Madness: The Impact of Culture on Human Experience,
52:00 Boris Johnson resigns as British PM
1:04:00 Hunter Biden has been at the White House all week
1:25:00 Kenneth Brown on Internet Friendship Pornography,
1:44:00 Who are we? By Samuel Huntington
1:47:00 Josh Neal on the state of American nationalism,
1:49:00 Abby Shapiro Nationalism,
1:51:00 REVIEW: The Star Chamber of Stanford: On the Secret Trial and Invisible Persecution of a Stanford Law Fellow,
2:08:00 EMJ v Greg Johnson,
2:15:00 Laura Ingraham on globalism

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