The Sinister Path (6-27-22)

01:00 Tucker Carlson live from Brazil
02:00 Loud fall out from Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision
15:00 Paul Gottfried on election integrity, Republicans vs the news media
22:00 Regnery Publishing,
23:40 Margaret Sanger,
25:20 Larry Elder and black conservatives,
26:25 Clarence Thomas and the Incorporation Doctrine,
27:40 Emmanuel Macron and the French elections,
42:00 Martyr complex,
44:00 RS advocates taking the sinister path,
57:00 RS is not interested in illiberalism, he’s only interested in the triumph of Aryans
58:00 RS is not a fan of Jared Taylor
1:02:10 RS: I hate whites
1:05:50 Do we want compulsory girlfriends for everyone on 4Chan?
1:07:20 RS says he gets so much pussy
1:08:00 The Supreme Court’s Two Bombshells | Robert Wright & Mickey Kaus,
1:11:00 Sleeper issue – whites are terrified of blacks carrying guns,
1:12:10 Elizabeth Warren says the federal government needs to set up abortion camps

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