How I Am Hedging Against Inflation (6-13-22)

00:40 Tucker Carlson on red flag laws
16:00 I was wrong about inflation and how I’m hedging,
22:40 How the Fed and the Biden Administration Got Inflation Wrong,
31:20 Explosion in kids who identify as transgender
37:45 Mirror of Intimacy Webinar with Alex Katehakis: NEGATIVITY,
45:00 Valence,
53:00 How to make inflation better
1:10:00 Mickey Kaus finds the secret to a better life — sudafed
1:11:40 Director Richard Linklater,
1:13:20 Psychadelics,
1:15:35 Do populists have to be autocrats?
1:18:40 The Awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch,
1:20:00 Monkeypox dilemma: How to warn gay men about risk without fueling hate,
1:23:50 Michael McFaul makes a fool of himself on Twitter DM
1:26:00 AOC-backed candidate Jessica Cisneros had affair with her high school teacher,
1:28:00 When historian Jerry Z. Muller changed his mind on gay marriage,
1:30:00 Adam Carolla on raising gay prices
1:32:00 Loveline,

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