The Media Are The Lapdogs Of The Experts (5-31-22)

00:00 How did Salvador Ramos get the money to buy his guns?
01:40 Why did the police repeatedly lie to us?
12:00 Fact-check: Do ‘more people die from hands, fists, feet, than rifles’?,
16:30 WSJ: Political Narratives Are the Media’s Default in Times of Tragedy,
20:00 The “Facts” of El Salvador According to Objective and New Journalism,
23:00 The Last Love Song: A Biography of Joan Didion,
27:20 Collision of Catastrophes,
30:00 RS says nice guy nationalism is gay
31:00 Red Flag Laws Are As Good as the Data,
33:00 Richard Spencer as Kurt Cobain, dysgenic trends
39:50 RS doesn’t care for low church whites
48:00 RS wants to crush the Amish
52:00 RS: Happy homelands nationalism is not possible nor desirable
54:00 Wheels coming off in White House
55:40 Christopher Caldwell: The War in Ukraine May Be Impossible to Stop. And the U.S. Deserves Much of the Blame,
1:06:00 China & Taiwan
1:10:00 The Politics of Expertise,

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