The Market for Goods and the Market for Ideas (5-29-22)

00:00 When Did Intellectuals Stop Supporting The Free Market Of Ideas?
02:00 Economist Ronald Coase,
22:00 John Milton’s Areopagitica,
38:00 Colleges that so want free speech they don’t take federal funds,
42:00 People are less interested in truth than in the battle between truth and falsehood?
43:00 Vaush: Illiterate Cringelord Styxhexenhammer666 Complains About “Woke” Climate Activism,
55:00 Stephen Kotkin: Putin, Stalin, Hitler, Zelenskyy, and War in Ukraine,
1:15:00 The Ukraine War as reality TV
1:20:00 Stephen Kotkin says the West is best
1:31:00 On Twitter, Russia has already lost the war
1:36:00 Kenneth Brown: Secret Trillionaires,
1:38:30 A three-part investigative series into the life & death of Carlos Castaneda,
1:40:00 Oliver Stone and his producer Janet Yang and Carlos Castaneda
1:46:00 Donna Bevan-Lee on love addiction
1:47:30 Under the Banner of Heaven,

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