Do You Belong To The Trash Right? (5-25-22)

01:00 Joe Biden politicizes Texas school shooting
06:30 Beto O’Rourke politicizes Texas school shooting
21:00 Remove Personal Information in Word on a Document with Track Changes,
23:00 Objective correlative,
25:30 Heather MacDonald on Biden’s executive order on policing
35:00 Trad Catholic Nick Fuentes saying raping and killing and dying is based
45:00 NATO’s Nordic Expansion and the empathy needed to live in community,
1:00:00 Ethan Ralph beaten again in Lisbon
1:03:00 Orthodox Jews carrying money or guns on Shabbos,
1:04:40 Orthodox Jews who talk on the phone on yom tov, The Rise of Reform and the Rabbinic Response (Part 5) || Dr. Marc Shapiro,
1:22:00 Don’t leave this show before the miracle happens!
1:34:00 What will the goyim think?

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