Saturday Night Right: Joe Rogan’s apology, the rise and fall of internet blood sports (2-5-22)

00:00 I was sick all week
03:00 Joe Rogan says he’s sorry,
09:00 Elliott Blatt joins the show
10:00 WSJ: The World Is Likely Sicker Than It Has Been in 100 Years,
18:00 Omicron hit Southern California much harder than the Bay Area.
32:00 NFL playoffs
40:30 The rise and fall of internet blood sports,
44:00 Virtually You: The Dangerous Powers of the E-Personality,
1:08:20 Ethan Ralph and the Fallout of Internet Bloodsports (Nick Fuentes, Andy Warski, Baked Alaska),
1:10:00 Apparently I am worth $2 million,
1:12:00 A Mister Metokur Interview on Mersh,
1:19:00 Mersh vs the Jews
1:22:00 Owen Benjamin vs Mersh
1:25:500 Matt Christiansen vs Mersh
1:30:30 YouTube’s Dark Truth,
1:33:30 Tim Pool loves to say sensational things like the USA is headed for civil war,
1:35:30 Joe Rogan’s recent apology video,
1:47:00 John Mearsheimer On Handling Russia And China,
1:49:00 Biden’s foreign policy
1:51:30 VMI will change honor system that expels Black cadets at disproportionate rates,
1:53:00 So, You Think the Republican Party No Longer Represents the People,

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