When you become a guru… (1-12-22)

* How do you keep offering insights? You’ll feel tempted to get out of your lane and to leave the areas where you have genuine expertise. You’ll feel compelled to relay conspiracy theories. How else do you maintain your conviction that you are one of the rare people who truly sees reality?

I love the podcast Decoding the Gurus. I agree with their analysis of Scott Adams.

A few years ago, I said Scott Adams offers more unique insights per minute than anyone else I knew who broadcasts on Youtube every day (I don’t think I knew anyone at the time who was delivering social commentary on Youtube every day).

In retrospect, I think Scott had useful things to say in 2015 and 2016 about the rise of Donald Trump, but his show has gone downhill in the past two years.

Email: “I thank you for your videos that mention quality of life in Australia. I have immense trouble figuring out where I should live. I really do, it causes much pain and consternation. Your comments help. I wish I still had the innocence and openness you have in talking to strangers. I tend to be quite misanthropic, when I see these strangers it crosses my mind seventy percent of them are pro abortion or insert other negative thought here. I know that is not a good way to be I will probably be in Australia for rest of my life and your appreciation of things I ignore about it is helpful it is a salve to me.”

* Many people who buy into the great replacement, it becomes their magic key, and they interpret covid restrictions as though elites are trying to kill us. “They want us dead!” Much of the low-brow AR has become anti-vaxx.

* There’s no connection between how people sound and how they are. Some people sound depressed and lacking in confidence and yet they’ve built a great lives. Some people, like me, can sound like they know what they’re doing but not so much. I can make a great first impression, it’s just when people get to know me. I’ve rarely had friends less competent than me, nor GFs worse than me at reading social cues.

* What’s the underlying tension that drives your addictions? For me it is my frustration with how my life is turning out.. I have been behind in social skills from the time I started school in 2nd grade. I know some other kids who started school late experienced same thing.

* My first reflex when something doesn’t go my way is to throw out the f-bomb. Is this bad?

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