Why Has Bad Behavior Skyrocketed? (12-12-21)

00:00 The Game: A Portrait of Scott Morrison, https://lukeford.net/blog/?p=142462
07:00 Elliott Blatt joins
20:00 The quality of life has gone downhill in San Francisco, Los Angeles
30:00 Elliott is bullish about America
48:00 Trolling and its downsides
50:00 Building friendships while minimizing social obligations
1:00:00 Dooovid joins
1:23:00 Dooovid quits dope
1:25:00 Elliott on Mushrooms
1:35:00 Christian Science, Seventh-Day Adventism
1:39:00 Not many rappers in Sydney
1:41:00 Dooovid’s rap management

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