Do Your Networks Pull You Apart? (7-16-21)

00:00 Marilyn Monroe’s networks pulled her apart,
10:00 Genres, Objects, and the Contemporary Expression of Higher-Status Tastes,
17:00 How to live given the certainty of death,
20:00 ‘School athletics at the center of attention devalues intellectual students’,
26:00 Seven Reasons Cops Are Disliked,
36:30 Why Be Jewish? (Jonathan Sacks),
54:00 Rethinking Jewish Philosophy: Beyond Particularism and Universalism,
1:22:00 Getting to Know the North American Association for the Study of Religion,
1:29:00 Resisting History: Historicism and Its Discontents in German-Jewish Thought,
1:55:00 Reflections on “Thinking with Jonathan Z. Smith”,
1:57:00 Religious scholar of Jonathan Z. Smith,
1:58:00 Jonathan Z. Smith, Now You See it Now You Won’t’: The Study of Religion Over the Next Forty Years,
2:42:45 Tucker Carlson on Big Tech censorship

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