Acting Jewish: Negotiating Ethnicity on the American Stage and Screen (7-14-21)

00:00 Acting Jewish by Henry Bial,
02:00 Henry Bial’s The Jewish Pop Culture Podcast:
15:00 Styxhexenhammer Show ep. 17- I Was Right Again About Breadtube Astroturfing (Superchat Q&A),
16:00 Definition of Breadtube,
28:00 David Mamet,
44:00 Modafinil Is The Official Drug Of The Rationalist Movement,
1:24:20 Why Be Jewish? (Jonathan Sacks),
1:45:00 Yosef Mizrachi vs Jonathan Sacks,
1:50:00 Sidebar with Alex Jones – Viva & Barnes LIVE!,
2:13:00 Aussie shock jocks Kyle & Jackie O,
2:17:40 Tucker Carlson on illegal immigration

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