Beyond Good And Evil (7-4-21)

00:00 Can we move beyond good and evil?
03:00 Godward on Justin the Martyr,
25:00 Scholar of religion, John Z. Smith,
45:40 Richard Spencer gets mean about Christianity and Judaism,
49:00 What does Judas Maccabeus want for his people?
1:02:00 In-group solidarity
1:10:50 If you get rich, you can have your own ethno-state,
1:13:00 Billionaires have their own ethno-states
1:14:00 Racists are poor, the rich live in their own ethno-states
1:15:40 J.Z. Smith taught a university seminar on the Yellow Pages
1:24:00 Contingency,
1:26:00 Do religions other than Christianity struggle with sin and evil?
1:28:00 Jason Kessler names his supporters
1:32:30 Europeans are the villain says RS
1:36:00 Why Did Charles Murray Vote For Joe Biden?
1:41:00 JZ Smith says there has never been a monotheistic religion
1:43:00 Monotheism as a term developed out of Christian polemic (Unitarians vs Catholics)

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