Saving Private Godward (7-1-21)

00:00 Saving Private Ryan,
01:30 Justin Martyr’s Dialog with Trypho,
03:00 Justin the Martyr,
05:00 Fruit of the Holy Spirit,
36:45 Justin Martyr by Andrew Hayes,
1:07:00 Justin Martyr and the Jews,
1:14:00 The motivations of Leo Strauss,
1:53:00 Germany’s neo-nazis and the Far Right,
2:29:00 CNN: “Anti-Semitism Gaining Traction in the US”
2:37:00 Rabbi Stabbed Outside Shalom House Synagogue In Brighton
2:39:00 Stephen Kotkin: Taiwan, geopolitical tension and China’s inevitable rise in indices,
2:51:00 Goddess Dr. Jill Biden
3:04:00 Charles Murray Uncut,
4:03:00 Richard Spencer vs Judas Maccabeus debate Zionism on the Killstream,

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