Life After Academia With Historian Lisa Munro (6-28-21)

00:00 Historian Lisa Munro,
01:00 Leaving Academia: Loss Grief and Healing,
04:30 Lisa is an adoptee,
08:30 Lisa was 38 before she knew her biological parents
22:00 Education promotes conformism
27:00 Education as indoctrination
28:20 Education fads
36:00 Early feelings of rejection set you up for self-sabotage
38:00 Feeling worthy of prosperity
40:00 I’ll show ’em!
41:00 Compulsive need to prove,
45:00 The high price of university learning
46:00 The intellectual life won’t pay for itself
47:00 Beyond the Academic Ethic by Stephen Turner,
54:00 When Lisa went viral in 2015
55:30 What Lisa got from her doctorate in History
1:02:00 Lisa lives in Mexico
1:03:00 What Lisa learned from therapy
1:09:00 American identity and the lack of fatalism
1:10:30 Lisa on American identity
1:11:00 Americans are direct
1:12:00 The American dream
1:13:00 Lisa’s doctorate was on cultural relations between Guatemalans and Americans in the 1930s
1:15:00 Mexicans vs Guatemalans
1:18:00 Guatemala,
1:24:00 Writer’s block
1:37:00 Symptoms of underearning,
1:40:00 Lisa loves the series, The Expanse,
1:43:00 Navigating friendships with people more and less successful
1:44:30 Lisa is a writer
1:46:00 Image management for the writer
1:51:00 Anthropologist heroes
2:00:00 Orals

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