The History Of Lab Leaks & Infectious Disease & the New Temptations of Science (6-25-21)

00:00 Chris Hayes Podcast With Zeynep Tufekci,
29:00 Marc Shapiro on women spiritual leaders,
40:00 Neterui Karta in America,
41:40 International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust,
49:00 Beyond the Academic Ethic by Stephen Turner,
1:02:00 Marc Shapiro’s visits to China
1:03:30 Can an Orthodox Jew eat at a vegan restaurant without kosher certification?
1:40:00 Glenn Loury talks to Charles Murray about his new book – Facing Reality,
1:52:00 The Changing Temptations Of Science,
2:57:00 When whites take up identity politics, game over
3:00:00 Tucker Carlson on UFOs

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