The Art Of Spiritual War (6-9-21)

00:00 What gives you energy?
06:00 Curing Back Pain in 90 Seconds,
10:00 My fave music playlist,
34:00 Nadine Strossen – Fighting for Free Speech in Today’s America,
35:40 Boys & Men Count,
51:00 I stand with Israel,
1:07:20 ROTC: Laura Loomer Does Something Stupid,
1:22:00 The origins of Covid
1:30:00 US-China relations: Biden’s trade strike force sees US turn to aggressive ‘industrial policy’ to counter Beijing,
1:31:30 Milo’s regrets,
1:32:30 Could Donald Trump become Speaker of the House?
1:33:40 Rick Wiles is back,
1:48:00 Milo’s trolling for Jesus
2:37:30 Tammy Bruce on America’s crime wave
2:41:20 Ghost Town NYC – Complex Problems and How NOT to Solve Them,
2:49:00 Woke Institutions is Just Civil Rights Law,
3:01:50 Why isn’t Trump on Gab?
3:09:10 Tucker Carlson on Kamala Harris’s trip south of the border

Shifting identification: A theory of apologies and pseudo-apologies,

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