More Stimulating Talk Radio!

00:00 Former KFI talk radio producer and attorney Justin Levine joins to discuss David Foster Wallace’s 2004 essay on talk radio,
13:00 Justin was fired three times from KFI, twice by PD Robin Bertolucci
17:00 Talk radio’s similarities to Top 40 radio,
27:00 Justin Levine’s talk radio diet
28:00 John and Ken Show,
33:00 KABC’s Dick Cavett-style talk
35:00 Talk: A Novel by Michael Smerconish,
37:00 John Ziegler,
39:00 David Foster Wallace,
54:00 Big Tech was libertarian just five years ago
57:00 Blacks & Latinos have their own radio stations
1:00:00 Callers don’t matter much for talk radio
1:05:30 Marc Germain aka Mr KFI
1:09:20 Howard Stern’s boring
1:27:40 How to make your show better! David G. Hall, Media Strategist
1:42:00 Lack of Character: Personality and Moral Behavior,
1:49:00 John M. Doris: “Making Good: Can We Realize Our Moral Aspirations?”,
1:55:00 The Left’s New Religion – censorship
2:21:00 We compete for attention
2:25:00 Andy Ngo returns to Portland, beaten by Antifa
2:33:40 Barricade Gage on Arizona’s vote audit
2:40:00 The limits of virtue,
2:41:00 Anti-Vax Televangelist Rick Wiles Who Calls Covid God’s Punishment Hospitalized w/ Covid
2:44:00 Michael Flynn Casually Calls For Military Coup
2:48:00 Trump Telling People He’ll Be Reinstated As President by August
2:50:00 Tucker Carlson on covid origins
2:51:30 Vanity Fair investigation of covid origins,
3:02:45 Biden Creeps On Young Girl In Audience
3:06:00 Sam Hyde Sees The Amazon WageCage™ For The First Time
3:07:00 Only Fans For Israel

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