How The Elites Use & Abuse Science To Control The Masses (6-2-21)

00:00 Mare of Easttown
01:30 Road rage is genetic
05:00 Figureheads, ghost-writers and pseudonymous quant bloggers: The recent evolution of authorship in science publishing,
23:00 The Scientific Revolution,
27:50 Unregistered 167: Eric Kaufmann,
43:00 Nudgelords: Given their past track record, why should I trust them this time?,
44:00 Disgraced scientist Brian Wansink,
45:00 Cass Sunstein – what’s his track record? Terrible!
52:00 Anthony Fauci and the tragedy of the legible,
57:00 The Monoculture Of Migration Studies,
58:40 Ruston joins to discuss nationalists who hate Israel
1:18:00 ‘Christianity Will Have Power’,
1:29:30 As Israel’s Dependence on U.S. Shrinks, So Does U.S. Leverage,
1:59:00 ‘Most Americans want to go back to normal, but some wish to make permanent the ‘temporary’ COVID controls’,
2:18:00 How spy agencies use journalists to spread lies
2:20:00 Tucker Carlson on Anthony Fauci
2:28:00 The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man,

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