‘Man who told police he fatally shot ex-Hardeeville fire chief in 2017 found not guilty’

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Not to worry. This kind of miscarriage of justice in state court is easily fixed by bringing federal civil rights charges against the miscreant. After all, it’s an interracial crime. I’m sure Joe Biden’s Justice Department will get right on it.

* The innocent want a judge; the guilty prefer a jury.

* The press reports were very poorly done so it’s hard to understand what went on. It sounded like the murder charge failed due to lack of proof of intent or what is sometimes called “premeditation” . Perhaps the jury was poorly instructed. Premeditation doesn’t require that you plan for a murder in advance – you can achieve the necessary intent an instant before you fire the gun.

The stories don’t explain why there weren’t alternative charges such as manslaughter or felony murder. It’s very unusual for a confessed murderer to just be allowed to walk. They couldn’t even get him for possession of a gun used in a crime because they concluded that there was no crime.

As local newspapers have disappeared, the quality of local reporting has fallen steeply. Wokeness is not a good substitute for quality. We have seen this even in the news pages of “quality” newspapers such as the NY Time and the WSJ. But Wokeness is like Covid – the strong experience it as a cold and for the weak it is deadly. The internet has already put local newspapers in the nursing home and Wokeness has pushed them over the edge. If you’ve already lost 3/4 of your circulation, going Woke and losing half of the quarter that remain means that you have to close up shop unless you can migrate to the “non-profit” sector where the paper will be supported by wealthy Democrat donors.

* The jury system should be eliminated in every country that have them. It was designed in ancient England where a man could be judged by a jury of his peers. In those days, there were only three types of people in society… peasant farmers, nobles and priests. Today, with the complexity and racial divisions in society, to say that the jury system is fair is nothing but a joke. Better to be judged by one educated judge who knows the law than by twelve ignorant clowns. Today being forced to sit on a jury is an enormous inconvenience to any productive person and it’s a crime that in this day and age that we still have this atrocious artifact lingering in our legal system. It should be dispensed with as we did with judge’s wigs.

* If Steve Sailer was a “Citizenist,” his posts wouldn’t overwhelmingly concentrate on pointing out the flaws of non-Whites and discussing White racial interests. When was the last time Steve said something sympathetic about non-Whites (or critical about Whites)?

His views are very strongly Pro-White Nationalist. Due to his calm temperament, he’s definitely more moderate than some of the more extreme posters who hang out here (many of whom are fed posters), but his views fit within the ideology.

However, due to political&social persecution of White Nationalists, he has to rebrand himself in certain ways.

Sort of how illegal aliens became “undocumented workers.” Amnesty became “a path to citizenship.”

Branding is important.

You couldn’t be a “Capitalist” in the Soviet Union, but you could argue for mild, pro-market reforms. You can’t be a White Nationalist in today’s America, but you can be a “Citizenist” and still push views that accomplish 80% of what WNs want.

There’s a reason why he highlights stories like this, but doesn’t do posts on a topic like Muslim refugees who were displaced by the US “War on Terror.”

His main interest (other than HBD) is promoting the ethnic interests of his people. He’s basically a White activist. Though he blogs under his real name, so he has to speak cautiously.

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