How Zuckerberg’s Millions Paid for Progressives To Insure 2020 Vote Integrity (5-26-21)

00:00 When your latino immigrant driver listens to Alex Jones
02:00 African immigrant surge into Mexico heading north,
03:00 How Private Money From Facebook’s CEO Saved The 2020 Election,
08:00 Covid origins
10:00 Wet markets smeared
11:00 Remember when the media said we can’t trust the vaccines developed by Trump?
10:50 How Zuckerberg Millions Paid for Progressives to Work With 2020 Vote Officials Nationwide,
38:20 Micro Sociological Ingredients of Charismatic Leadership,
43:00 “Fact-Checking” Takes Another Beating,
50:00 United Facts of America Day 2: Dr. Fauci talks about misinformation,
1:16:00 Randall Collins | Contemporary Sociological Theory Today,
1:20:00 How the Liberal Media Dismissed the Lab-Leak Theory and Smeared Its Supporters,
1:30:00 ASSAULT ON THE CAPITOL: 2021, 1917, 1792,
1:40:00 Mizrahi Jews,
1:41:00 Russian Jews,
1:52:30 Jan. 5, 2021: FBI & FAA are looking into a breach of air traffic control frequencies,
2:22:00 Interaction Ritual Chains,
2:37:30 Monogamy & Marriage After 10 Years (Analysis),
2:43:00 KMG on trans regrets,
2:45:00 JF Gariepy talks to Mama JF about escaping civilization,
2:48:00 Brion McClanahan: Ep. 449: All Your Base Are Belong To Us,
2:51:40 Tucker Carlson says Biden has developed a mild curiosity about the origins of Covid
3:10:00 By Way Of Deception by Victor Ostrovsky,
3:12:00 Nick Fuentes on encouraging women to have babies,
3:14:00 Nick Fuentes on women in politics
3:17:40 What do you like about being white?

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