Beverly Hills Rally For Israel – United Against Terrorism (5-23-21)

David Suissa writes:

When we reached Santa Monica Boulevard, across the street we saw an ocean of people waving large Israeli flags. We could hear music and chanting. There was a festival atmosphere. We were immersed in a whole different kind of noise.

I’m sure lots of people were there because they’re outraged and angry at the rise in antisemitism. But I didn’t feel any anger among the crowd. What I felt was more like solidarity, and what I saw were joyful faces.

Maybe it was the fact that so many people were gathered around a common cause that made them feel safe and put a smile on their faces. Maybe it was the cool Israeli music. Maybe it was the sparkling blue sky. Whatever it was, I felt a mood of celebration.

Perhaps people were celebrating the very fact that they are not alone; that plenty of other people feel the same way, feel the same love.

There may be lots of loud Jew-haters out there, but on this Sunday in Beverly Hills, not far from where Jews were assaulted recently at a sushi restaurant, Jews came out to make their own statement: We’re proud to be Jews, we stand with Israel against terrorism, we stand against the evil of antisemitism, and we aren’t going anywhere.

Deep down, they came to express love, a love for a cause they cherish and believe in. That noise of love needs to drown out the noise of hate.

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