Debating Voter Fraud & American Decline With Joseph Cotto (5-13-21)

* Rejecting the ‘Proposition Nation’
* What Are the Paleoconservatives Conserving?
* Paul Gottfried: No, Paleoconservatives Are Not Helping the Left,
* The Declaration of Independence,
* Michael Anton tries to unite the right,
* Why are so many right-wingers filled with despair? I don’t share this.
* The G.O.P. Is Getting Even Worse,

Conservatives despair,
* Common misunderstandings of US Census,
* I don’t believe electoral fraud decided the 2020 election.
* Michael Anton vs paleocons
* “Covid denial” vs Covid over-reaction…and the Big Reset…My
opinion is everyone tries to use everything including crises to push
what they want, it’s not just a sinister lefty thing.
* Rush Limbaugh…and the right-wing talk radio formula of riling up
your audience telling them that they are being screwed over by the
* USA v China, Is the USA on a downward cycle? I think America will
dominate as much in 21st century than in the 20th…
* Social media censorship… I think things are looking good on
Odysee, Rumble etc…and that blockchain will provide a path forward.
* Structuralism. I don’t think personalities matter as much in
politics as structure.
* Impression management:
* Ideology is not the movement,
* What is American identity?
* Good People Must Be Dangerous People,
* How do I read the New York Times?
* Michael Anton on electoral fraud:

Michael Anton Says He Does Not Know Who Truly Won The 2020 Election, But He’s ‘Moved On’

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