Roth Vs Updike

00:00 Steve Sailer on Roth v Updike,
05:35 The Neoconservative Fairy Tale,
09:00 What are the paleocons conserving?
10:00 No, Paleoconservatives Are Not Helping the Left,
12:00 The Declaration of Independence,
14:00 Michael Anton (Claremont School) vs Brion McClanahan (Chronicles mag) (5-3-21),
16:00 Michael Anton (Claremont School) vs Brion McClanahan (Chronicles mag) Part II (5-4-21),
22:00 Richard Spencer: “battles between the Trumps and the Cheneys is a culture war”
27:00 Jaguars will reportedly sign Tim Tebow as a Tight End — Skip & Shannon react,
38:00 Darryl Dawkins on black basketball vs white basketball,
54:00 Hamas vs Israel war
56:00 Border crisis
57:30 Origins of Covid-19
1:13:00 Debunking two White supremacists spreading lies about Hispanidad,
1:29:00 Stephen Miller on Biden building 13 miles of wall in Texas
1:32:00 Southern writers on race,
1:35:00 Roth v Updike
1:42:00 My alt-right, anti-rich views made me unemployable. Now I’m ghost-writing college papers for rich leftie kids. What an irony,
1:50:00 David Petreus on withdrawing from Afghanistan
2:02:00 Jock Willinck on getting America back to work
2:03:00 Ed Dutton and Richard Spencer on Polarization in the UK,
2:06:45 JF Gariepy on crypto currencies,
2:08:00 Coinbase
2:10:00 Bitcoin crashes
2:11:30 Ov, Faust, Euro youth talk on Gott mit Uns,
2:13:00 Pump and dump — is it moral?
2:18:00 Patrick Bateman
2:20:00 An old fashioned Alt-Right discussion like something out of 2015 on sex roles
2:38:00 Norvin Hobbs joins
2:55:20 Mollie Hemingway on the 2020 elections, Big Tech,
2:58:00 JF Gariepy on Bitcoin,
3:01:00 Gavin McInnes’s in trouble
3:03:00 JF on the future of independent media

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