I can’t imagine anyone claiming that Jordan Peterson’s teachings ruined his life

I’ve never cared about Jordan Peterson one way or another, but it seems clear to me that he has done overwhelmingly more good than harm with his public life. Thousands of men in particular felt great benefit from taking him on a substitute father figure. Who am I to begrudge that? I had decades where I yearned for a substitute father figure. If you are going to take on a guru, Jordan is better than 99% of them.

I can’t see any arguments that Jordan has wreaked mass destruction. To the extent he’s had an affect on people, it seems for the good. I don’t feel any emotional tug to any side of the arguments about Jordan. I’m sure that Jordan, like everyone else, benefits from accurate criticism.

I’ve never read any of his books nor listened to his lectures. I listened to one of his podcast interviews (Ten Ways the World is Getting Better). I watched the documentary on him. Why hate him unless it is out of jealousy of his success?

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