A Conservative NPR?

A friend says: Conservatives will never have a chance to penetrate into the elites without something like NPR with calm music, soft spoken interviews. I love NPR but that its taxpayer funded is shocking. After an hour of listening, I was ready to switch party affiliation because every issue they frame puts liberal point of view as well thought out and calmly reached. John Batchelor was only thing that even approached NPR. Need something w younger people who frame the Right perspective as though it was obvious, w Right leaning scholars to interview. A large part of its appeal is apparition of sophistication, although if you step back you realize you are being subtly inculcated w liberal left ideas that have strong counterarguments. The Right, being shut out of academia, scholarly circles can’t calmly and good naturedly make their arguments. They are forced to shout above the rising white noise of defacto progressive culture, and it can be off-putting no matter how correct.

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