The Origins Of Covid-19

00:00 Laura Ingraham talks to Nicholas Wade,
05:00 Origin of Covid — Following the Clues by Nicholas Wade,
06:00 Wade on the Lab-Leak Theory of COVID,
11:20 Saagar Enjeti: NYT FALSELY Claims ‘Lab Leak’ Theory Debunked After Former CDC Director Comes Forward,
16:00 Proof Wuhan Lab Manipulated Coronaviruses,
49:45 The Wuhan Lab – Mounting Questions of Covid19 Virus Escape with Nicholas Wade,
54:10 Calls For An Open Investigation Into The Possibility COVID-19 Leaked From A Lab,
1:00:00 Wuhan lab leaked Covid-19?
1:07:00 Why Shi Zhengli said will never find intermediate host?,
1:09:00 Deception in America – Episode One: The Tale of Peter Daszak,
1:16:00 Jeffrey Sachs – China propagandist
1:45:00 Lab leak conspiracy theory rears its ugly head again: this time it’s Nicholas Wade of the New York Times.,
1:47:00 Professor Edward (“Eddy”) Holmes on the origins of covid,
1:52:00 Styx on Wuhan lab leak,
1:59:00 Report says cellphone data suggests October shutdown at Wuhan lab, but experts are skeptical,
2:00:00 Cellphone data exposes deadly leak at Wuhan lab,
2:04:00 E. Michael Jones on Milo’s conversion, Roosh conversion,
2:17:00 Michel Foucault
2:19:00 Owen Benjamin rejects the Trinity
2:23:00 Is Dr. Fauci the ‘Father of the Pandemic?’,
2:36:50 Matt Christman: Covid as a Dry Run for Climate Change,
2:40:00 Whistleblower COVID-19 was made in Wuhan lab,
2:48:00 Fauci Behind Wuhan COVID-19 Leak – WaPost Reporter Tells Joe Rogan,—WaPost-Reporter-Tells-Joe-Rogan:1
2:51:00 Josh Rogin is a journalist, political analyst, and author of “Chaos Under Heaven: Trump, Xi, and the Battle for the 21st Century”.—WaPost-Reporter-Tells-Joe-Rogan:1
3:06:00 Tucker Carlson on New York’s collapse
3:17:30 John Michael Greer on how woke culture might lead to authoritarianism,

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