Every Mass Haredi Event Looks Like A Fire Hazard

Bud: Israel allowing mass event of such size to be held without proper safety protocols due to pressure of Ultra Orthodox pressure led to this. The state has responsibility to save people from their own deadly ignorance or its not a sovereign entity. The sect i think w most victims is Toldos Aaron who i just read on wikipedia among most anti zionist. (least respective of govt authority). You need secular people to understand safety needs. Every event haredi do looks like fire/trample hazard. The State has an obligation to protect minors. Live and let die is okay for adults, but minor safety an obligation of any modern state.”

The Haredim are like many minorities — they want no government oversight of their affairs, only government subsidies. If the Haredim don’t want fire marshals intervening, if they don’t want covid or educational oversight, then let Haredim live with the consequences and lets cut off relevant subsidies. We should not subsidize anti-social practices.

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