The Dance Goes On With Dooovid, Colin Liddell (4-28-21)

00:00 Dooovid joins
02:00 Dooovid on his discussion with Yosef of Israel Advocacy Movement,
20:00 Colin Liddell joins
25:00 Nick Fuentes put on a no-fly list
46:30 Individualism in Japan
50:30 Colin on boomer politics and the stoking of hysteria
52:00 Conservative despair
1:01:00 Mexicans vs Blacks
1:15:00 #MeToo
1:17:30 QAnon
1:21:00 Ed Dutton, agency, free will,
1:26:00 Dooovid on Claire Khaw
1:29:00 Claire Khaw on Dooovid,
1:34:00 Haredi ‘rabbi’ accused of being a covert Messianic missionary,
1:37:00 The white supremacists rabbi,
1:42:00 Dooovid on Adam Green, Christopher John Bjerknes
1:44:00 Baptist-affiliated Oregon university fires Jewish tenured professor who alleged antisemitism,
1:54:00 Dooovid on the Culture of Critique
2:28:00 Tucker Carlson
2:43:45 Colin Liddell: Were Hitler’s Demands Against Poland ‘Just and Fair’?
2:45:00 Colin’s series on Alt Right lies,
2:56:00 The Great Covid Lockdown,

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