Tom Wolfe – Stalking The Billion-Footed Beast

00:00 What do novels do better than movies/TV?
02:00 Why Authors Are Important: Tom Wolfe On His Favorite Books, Writing, Art, Style (1996),

05:00 Tom Wolfe on realist fiction,
27:00 From 2006: Writer Tom Wolfe on journalism and voyeurism,
37:00 Gay Talese and the art of “New Journalism”,
42:20 Dennis Dale joins
45:00 Tom Wolfe – race realist,
1:03:00 Crossroads: A Novel (A Key to All Mythologies),
1:15:00 Tom Wolfe: The 60 Minutes interview,
1:22:00 RICHARD SPENCER & ED DUTTON | Aliens: Where Are They? Would They Kill Us?,
2:02:00 Is Atheism Even Possible? (RS, Ed, Devon),
2:07:00 The Bachelor comes out as gay, gets closer to God
2:08:00 Laura Loomer Is a Victim Of ‘Digital Extermination’ on Social Media
2:19:00 The Word According to Tom Wolfe,
2:27:00 Tucker Carlson On The White Replacement Theory And The Importance Of It,
2:29:30 Tucker fires back at criticism over immigration, voting comments,
2:35:00 Fauci SLAMS Tucker Carlson, “Typical Crazy Conspiracy Theory”,
2:38:00 Why the Last Geniuses of Mid 20th century were in California, and Why the Remnant is Moving to Texas,
2:42:40 Alex Jones v the ADL,
2:47:00 Jerusalem,

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