Montefiore Whistleblower Robert Frank Suspended

New York mashgiach Robert Frank calls me Sunday afternoon.

Robert: “I got suspended on Friday. The head of the department called me. I had to go back in to my religious stuff, my tefillin, and they wouldn’t let me back in. I had to sneak back in.

“I’m supposed to meet with the union rep on Monday with the lawyer but I can’t read anybody. The union rep’s not returning my phone calls. They’re sticking it to me big time.

“We’re going to file a complaint with the state of New York about harassment.

“Right now I am in limbo. I can’t work. I can’t make money. I can’t collect unemployment. The Orthodox Union (OU) doesn’t want to help me. It makes me sick to my stomach. They’re just hanging me out to dry. Nobody in the community wants to help me. A couple of rabbis tried to help me. They called up big guys in the community and the big guys don’t want to help. They want to stay away from me. They don’t want to mess with the might OU.

“I might take them to a Beit Din. The OU did cheat me out of my salary.”

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